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I’m the kind of guy who loves spending time with my family, especially if we’re embarking on an adventure. 

The most memorable adventure I’ve ever taken was hiking up Stone Mountain in North Carolina with my wife and eight kids. The six-mile trail was steep, rising 600 feet with a combination of paths and stairs. My wife and I carried our twins in backpacks while the other kids hiked the strenuous trail.

It was not easy.

A few of my kids wanted to race ahead on the trail. Another of my kids enjoyed taking risks, peering over the edge of the mountain. Yet another was worried about the potential dangers. And there were a few kids who just felt too tired to complete the hike.

I could have turned around. But I knew that once we reached the summit, they would understand why I brought them there.

Sure enough, this picture of my kids, sitting at the top of the mountain and looking over the Blue Ridge Mountain Range, still hangs in a special place in our home. Being there to witness their jaws drop, see them rest in the beauty of the summit, and experience a sense of accomplishment was priceless.

Just like the journey up Stone Mountain, it's our mission at True North Wealth Management to help guide our clients through the challenges of the financial world and ultimately bring them to their personal financial summit.

– Fred Goduti
   True North Wealth Management

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Life’s journey is amazing! It affords joy and contentment, yet inevitably comes interspersed with challenges. Each life event, regardless of whether positive or negative, works to build a foundation for tackling whatever lies ahead. Ultimately, we seek success and security for ourselves and our loved ones.

I was very fortunate to travel around the globe in my twenties and thirties. Those adventures formed my life’s lens, broadening perspectives and framing values to shape my approach to life. To maneuver life successfully, one must begin with simplicity. This applies to all things, from parenting to investing. 

Life’s twists and turns landed me in Charlotte, NC, after earning my MBA. This is when my lovely wife, Sophie, entered my life. Together we have three boys (Jack, Easton, and Grey); each is unique, wonderful, challenging, and inspiring.  

Self-improvement and perpetual learning have always been my focus. It’s why academic degrees were pursued, charters were earned, and professional growth is continually sought. Integrity and diligence, personal service, and continuing growth provide the bedrock upon which our practice rests.  

True North Wealth Management serves to provide confidence and security in your financial life.

– Doug Jones
   True North Wealth Management

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Our clients are a part of the True North Family.

Just like the journey up Stone Mountain, it’s our mission to help guide our clients through the challenges of the financial world and ultimately bring them to their personal financial summit.

Like one of Fred’s family members on the mountain, you may be more likely to:

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Remain in the safety of a well-trodden path.png
Persevere but find yourself exhausted by the journey.png

As our client, you will find your unique True North, and it will take you in a different direction than other people with different goals. It’s our job to be your guide and get you there safely, no matter what your wealth management journey looks like.